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Orestis Karnezis & Panagiotis Kone getting some cake

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Greece NT celebrating wc qualification on the bus

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I think we all can admit that the greek national team has the hottest players. End of story. 😍❤️👌

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Panagiotis Kone. 

Can we just…

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Andreas Samaris & Panagiotis Kone 

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Panagiotis and Andreas being cute ^_^

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I don’t know what happened with Karnezis last night but when I saw how bad things are for Greece I cried like a little bitch…they did a good game,I have so much respect for them. I really wanted to see them in the next round but….yeah,too bad. [we got to see a little bit of Kone too and btw,loved it when he told the guys something,strategy,a plan something. Mitroglou,as always,a fighter,the “old” guys,hands down].
All of them played like worriors,hope we’ll get to see more of them.

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6 photos of Panagiotis Kone - Requested

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